"It definitely is my best ammo containing system. It fits nice and flat inside one pouch of my pack. I never have to worry about my ammo during a match. Thanks for a quality product." -Aaron McCoy Georgia

"One word....Awesome! I love it. I am using it again this weekend for the Texas Precision Matches in Navasota, TX. Really helps when all my Ammo boxes are not breaking and rolling around in my bag." -Reed LeMasters TX

"Hi Greg, Everything works great. I’ve been so happy with it, and makes it stress free to keep up with all the rounds. Once you dump your ammo box of 100 rounds you’ll know what I mean. As a shooter you don’t need any more stress when you’re trying to post a decent score. The slim footprint makes it a lot easier to keep your rounds out of the sun on those 90+ degree days too, just slide it down in your pack and set it in the shade or in your cart next to the cooler. Very well made product, zero complaints from me. Thank you Greg, and it’s good to hear from you." -Ron Prevatte NC

"It's great. I'll be using it full time after the last match. Thanks for a great product." -Mike Dodson VA

"Pretty sure I'll be ordering every size you have at some point.. Love the tiger stripe camo." -Josh Tibbles FL

"It sure beats carrying bulky 100rd MTM boxes around." -Cory Harrison VA

"Love it!! I haven’t used anything else to carry my Ammo since I got it. I may be ordering another soon. Thanks for building such a great product." -Steve Raines UT

"Thanks for the follow-up. Carrier works great. Will most likely be hitting you up for another one in the near future." -Dave McIntyre W VA

"Awesome. We both used them at the Grind last weekend. Worked great." -Charlie Walker AR

"Love it man. No more miss counting rounds, nice clean presentation, nothing comes loose and packs extremely nice in my pack. No complaints. 100% satisfied in your product and customer service." -Keye Kinnamon NE

"Everything is good. Thank you. Love it." -James Stern MD

"The ammo carrier has worked out great! Great quality cordura and other materials." -Chris Hall OK

"I am very happy with my ammo carrier. Used it at the grind this weekend and had lots of people asking about it! I'm going to have to order another one just to make life even easier. Thanks for reaching out it really does mean a lot when someone takes the time to follow up." -Carson Brown IN

"The ammo carrier is working out great! Thanks for the follow-up." -Jon Farr FL

"I recently purchased the Walsh Custom Defense Ammo Carrier. After growing tired of carrying around the common 50 or 100rnd plastic boxes of ammo during matches, hearing them rattle around, and the extra space they take up, I decided to go ahead and try one of these out. Im extremely glad that I did! This thing folds flat when full (about 2” or so thick), you can slide it into pretty much any main compartment of a standard bag. It allows you to carry the ammo needed to complete most any one day match, or either day of a two day match. It’s built very well, and plenty durable to withstand the conditions we shooters put our gear through. The customer service was spot on, when I opened it, it had a handwritten note thanking me for supporting their company. As well, I got an email from the owner to make sure it was performing up to par. Great product, don’t worry, pull the trigger on this, and buy with confidence." -Derek Helenschmidt OK

"They are awesome, use them all the time!" -Craig Osborne WA

"Great product" -Andy Lewis GA

"Ammo carrier is awesome. Used it at my first ever (practical) PRS match where I had to carry all my gear throughout the match. Fit perfectly inside my pack. Very very happy with it and plan on purchasing another one after the first of the year. Thank you so much for the amazing customer service." -Jeff Champe IN

"Your ammo carrier is amazing. Before I had your carrier I was using reloading boxes and they would break or spill in my pack causing me all kind of grief. Using your ammo carrier made shooting life a lot simpler and organized. Everybody asks about it at matches, and I tell them get on their website and order one. Best piece of gear in my bag. Thanks again for the great product." -Bob Goings NE