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My passion for improving something that I already own is undoubtedly the result of my Irish heritage brought to America by my ancestors centuries ago.  The spearheads from my family crest capture my militaristic spirit and their history inspires my minimalistic approach.  Just as my ancestors refined their humble tools as a means for provision and defense, my pursuit is the same: Do more with less.  


The Bag Rider concept from Walsh Custom Defense began about five years ago in my garage with an idea, a couple scrap pieces of aluminum, a small piece of oak, a few nuts and bolts and a can of black spray paint.  I had just begun shooting in precision long range competitions and the rifle chassis I was using at the time had a Magpul CTR® butt stock. While effective, it lacked an important component that most all other precision rifles possessed.  There was no flat surface along the bottom to use with a bag rest.  I was determined to fabricate an attachment that worked just as well as some of the other stock offerings available at the time and save a few pennies along the way. After many rough drawings, design sketches, fittings and modifications, I finally came up with a useable product that would do exactly what I needed it to do.  It certainly wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it worked flawlessly for the following 2-3 years throughout several competitions and countless range days.  During those few years, several people told me that I should make and sell them, but I never acted on it.  Fast forward to today, with input from fellow shooter and good friend Clifton Reasor, the Walsh Custom Defense Bag Rider has once again become a reality.  Although the new Bag Rider is made with improved materials from the original, the concept remains unchanged.  I am confident that the new Bag Rider from WCD will fill the same void for you as it did for me.  

- Greg Walsh